“Kelsey is the most friendly and loving person I know. I only achieved my goal of natural childbirth because I had her by my side. I would’ve given up if I didn’t have her support like I did. She stayed by my side for 18 hours of hard labor, and watched me bring my sweet boy into this world. I can’t thank her enough.”

Birthing Mother 

“This was my first time I was going to support and witness a birth and I was definately unsure about what to expect and what role I was going to play. Kelsey accompanied us to our appointment to meet the family and the midwife. I was very impressed right away by how passionate she was about her work and the level of care she had for everyone involved was stellar. She was very sensitive to the needs of the family and when it was time for birth she showed up promptly and helped create a beautiful set and setting for the whole experience. She continued to remain supportive long after my son was born and I am grateful to her for that. I was blessed to have Kelsey as my Doula and would recommend her services any day.”

Father & Birth Partner 

“Kelsey is genuinely dedicated to her path. Her dedication shines through in all that she does. She naturally has such a warm, welcoming, supportive energy and I highly recommend her presence if seeking birth/pregnancy support of any kind.”

Circle Attendee 

“I attended a Baby Blessing Ceremony led by Kelsey, experiencing a deeper way of connecting and honoring the mother to be. Kelsey was warm, clear in her communication, and patient to allow the process of ritual to unfold. I have great respect for her way of holding space and creating meaningful ritual for this gathering! as well as including children in this ceremony!!”

Circle Attendee 

“I’ve had the privilege of receiving multiple services from Kelsey at Wild Moon Birth Doula. She facilitated monthly birth circles at my massage studio that were incredibly healing for me and the other women who attended. I was also lucky enough to utilize Kelsey’s services during my my own mothering journey. She facilitated my Blessingway that was beautifully and thoughtfully done. After my sweet baby was born she encapsulated my placenta as well as making me a salve. I can’t recommend Kelsey enough. She brings a grounded and loving energy into all of the services she provides.“

Blessed Mother 

“Oh, where to start?! Kelsey was of great support throughout my pregnancy. Provided me with a birthing book to read, checked in on me to see if I needed anything, made sure I was comfortable and provided me with knowledge of what potentially to expect and how to accept it and work with labor rather than against it. Kelsey not only came to the hospital once for my delivery, by twice! There was a false positive for sac rupture that caused me to be in the hospital “ready for delivery” two times and she was right there both times. When delivery day actually came it was a long day she was so supportive, stayed with me the entire time, provided her wonderful techniques, kept calm, kept me calm, and was just present. She helped me with things so simple but so necessary also; in and out of the tub, changing bed pads, changing underwear (lord knows you can’t bend over during pregnancy let alone labor), she really just made life easier going through the experience. I would highly recommend her services to anyone thinking about or looking for a doula. She is well worth it!!”

Birthing Mother 



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