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Birth Support 

Sliding Scale fees 

My support is grounded in trust of a woman’s intuition, her body and her baby. 

As your Doula I provide:

•Resources throughout pregnancy, birth and postpartum. 

•Assistance in building a birth plan unique to your personal wishes.

•Suggestions to make pregnancy more comfortable physically, emotionally and spiritually. 

•Support for you to make informed decisions that are right for you along your journey. 

•Access to my library of pregnancy, birth and parenting books.

•Phone and email contact throughout prenatal and immediate postpartum period.

•Full 24/7 on call support from 37 weeks to delivery. 

•Continuous support for the duration of labor and birth, starting when YOU are ready for me to join you. 


 •Support in movement, massage, meditation, ambiance, positive affirmations and positioning during labor. 

•Support for your partner and family so they can hold loving space for the labor and Birth. 

•Sacred space to acknowledge and honor the spiritual act of birth, in hospital, birth center or home. 

•A few Birth snapshots on your camera.

•2 +hours postpartum, providing initial breastfeeding support and settling you in with the newest member of your family.

•Open communication by call or text for 6 weeks postpartum. 

•Home visit within the first 2 weeks with an herbal healing session of either an herbal sitz bath or an herbal yoni steam.

 All Doula clients receive a 25% off a Blessing Ceremony or Postpartum Yoni Steam Package. 

I accept payment plans and offer donation based support to teen moms and any birthing person planning to labor and birth alone. 

*Virtual chats available for Birth-prep support and/or postpartum healing support.


Blessing Circle 

Price Varies

Our ancestors knew the importance of honoring the transitions in a persons life.  

A Mother Blessing Circle is a celebration of Birth as a Rite of Passage. It is usually held at 36-37 weeks of pregnancy but can be held anytime during pregnancy or postpartum as a Baby Blessing. 

It is a wonderful opportunity for the mother to be nourished, honored and loved by the women closest to her in an intimate ceremony joining her sisters, family and friends to offer wisdom, support and blessings for the Birth and the journey of Motherhood. 

A Coming of Age Ceremony honors menstruation as a sacred Rite of Passage into womanhood. It is an ancient multi cultural tradition that gives our future women pride, strength and love for themselves.

A Bridal Blessing is an alternative to a traditional shower as it is focused more on soulful support than material gifts. Surrounded by your closest circle, it is the opportunity to feel held and witnessed, supported and blessed before you say

 "I do".

A Birthday Blessing is a simple circle to celebrate another year alive on this amazing Planet Earth. This can be held for anyone of any age to honor the journey of who they have become and bless the journey ahead of them as they make another trip around the Sun.

A Memorial Blessing is held to celebrate the life of a loved one by sharing heart felt stories and memories in sacred space. To gather with love in their honor. 

Each ceremony is intentionally crafted according to the Mothers/Womens/Families wishes.


Placenta Services 

Price Varies

There are numerous options when deciding on what to do with your placenta. Whatever you choose, I hope that you are active in researching what feels right for you. I encourage every birthing person to take the time to view and admire their afterbirth, paying gratitude in their own way to this wondrous life-growing organ.


Capsules, tincture and topical salve can be made from your placenta to support your postpartum healing. 


A watercolor print can be pressed from the placenta and a cord keepsake can be made from your babies umbilical Cord. 


If consuming your afterbirth isn’t for you, a burial or Tree planting is a beautiful way to honor the life of your child and the gift of motherhood. The placenta is wrapped with dried herbs and flowers and I can either join you to facilitate a ceremony in giving this life force back to Mother Earth or provide you with cleansing sage, a candle and written ceremony instructions for you to do on your own. 

A placenta burial can be incorporated into a Baby Blessing/Naming Ceremony. 

*I have received blood borne pathogen training. 

Placenta Encapsulation $200 

Add ons available:



Placenta print 

Umbilical cord keepsake 

*travel fees apply for pick up of placenta and delivery of products* 


Yoni Steaming 

Multiple Packages Available

Vaginal Steaming or Yoni Steaming is an ancient wellness practice in which a woman sits over a pot of gently steaming herbs. This wise womb ritual has been respected by users around the world for centuries.  

Yoni Steaming has been reported to increase pelvic circulation resulting in a more balanced and well menstrual cycle. It assists in healing after childbirth, supports fertility and the healing of yeast, bacterial and urinary infections. Yoni steaming supports the transition of menarche and menopause. It may reduce uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis and supports in the emotional release of trauma or abuse being stored in the womb space.

I offer online consultations, custom steam plans, herbal blends and ritual guidance to leave you feeling confident to practice Yoni Steaming in privacy of your home. 

*Please reach out for sliding scale and pay what you can consultations if you are feeling called to this wellness ritual and need financial support. 

Custom Yoni herb blends are created with wildcrafted or organic herbs, charged with crystal energy and accompanied by guidace card inspiration to deepen this wellness ritual.

Postpartum steam packages, Yoni stool rentals, private steam session,

and steam circles can be booked for up to 6 participants in Southern Oregon. 

*Travel fees may apply beyond my service are. 

I am certified as a Vaginal Steam Practitioner via Steamychick. 


Yoni Eggs 

Price Varies 

These highly polished, semi-precious gemstone eggs have been used for thousands of years to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, heal from and prepare for childbirth, increase bladder control, increase libido, boost pleasure, relieve tension, heal emotional trauma, cultivate a loving relationship with your body and so much more.
 Each egg comes with a padded pouch for safe keeping and a brochure on the use and care of Yoni Eggs. 
Large is the recommended size for mothers who have experienced vaginal birth otherwise medium is the recommended size for beginners. 

All Yoni Stones are ethically sourced with Earth & Humans in mind. 


Pleasure Wands 

Price Varies

Crystal pleasure wands are carved from pure Earth gemstones providing a safe alternative to steel, plastic and silicone toys. Awaken your most sensual self and cultivate a loving relationship with your body. Use with a partner or make solo play a sacred ritual. Each wand comes with a padded pouch for safe keeping and a brochure on the use and care of yoni wands. All Yoni Stones are ethically sourced with Earth & Humans in mind.  Contact me to intuitively choose the crystal pleasure wand that’s right for you.

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