Birth Doula - Circle Keeper - Womb Witch

Nurturing the SACRED 

My name is Kelsey McEuen (she/her). I am a Mother of two Earth children and one Star Baby. I am a Doula, Circle Keeper, Womb Witch, Vaginal Steam Facilitator, Placenta Encapsulator, Yoni Stone Distributor and Fiber Artist. 

My passion for supporting Birth revealed itself to me during my own journey into Motherhood. My first pregnancy had a profound way of teaching me what was important as a WOMBAN and Mother. My children and the sacred tending of Motherhood continue to be my greatest teachers and guides in life. 

I strive to remember and share ancient wise woman ways of re-friending the plants,

living cyclical with the Moon and Earths seasons, sitting in Sacred Circles, Honoring our Blood and Practicing Divine Sensual rituals. 

I provide spiritual, emotional and physical support for Pregnancy, Birth, Fertility, Postpartum, Miscarriage, Stillbirth and Abortion. I support ALL women and ALL choices in heart centered space, free of judgement, to help Birthing people achieve the experience they desire. I believe all births can and should be honored as a sacred act of love.

I have been holding space for women and girls since 2016, including Coming of Age Ceremonies, Blessing Circles, Motherhood Circles and New Moon Women’s Circles. 

•Wild Woman Circle Leader 2017 

• DONA training 2018 

• Vaginal Steam Facilitator with Steamychick - Peristeam Hydrotherapy Institute  2019

• Spinning Babies workshop 2019

•Hypnobirthing workshop 2020