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To be well supported and cared for during pregnancy and birth are important factors in birthing people having empowered experiences. A Doula is a gentle reminder. A reminder that you are sacred. Your body is capable. A reminder to listen to your intuition deep within and TRUST your instincts. 
I offer loving support for all pregnancy outcomes of all birthing people.

Vaginal Steaming or Yoni Steaming is an ancient wellness practice which has been respected by healers and midwives around the world for centuries. The reported benefits include; a balanced menstrual cycle, fewer PMS symptoms, reduced flow, heal from childbirth, prevent bacterial, yeast and urinary infections, support fertility, reduce uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, support the transitions of menarche and menopause. I offer online consultations, custom herbal blends and in person steam circles. 

There are many options available when deciding what to do with your placenta. Whatever you decide, I encourage every birthing person to admire and give thanks to this wondrous life-growing organ. 

I offer placenta encapsulation, medicinals, art and in person or written burial ceremonies.

A Blessing Ceremony is a circle held to honor a Rite of Passage in a persons life. Sacred space is uniquely held in person and virtually for Mother Blessings, Baby Blessings, Bridal Blessings, Birthday Blessings, Memorial Blessings and Coming of Age Ceremonies.

Yoni stones are sacred tools used to strengthen your pelvic floor, tap into the wisdom of your womb and stand in your full creative power as a Divine WOMBan.


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