Herb + Crystal Bundles

Herb + Crystal Bundles

Organically grown and ethically Wildcrafted herbs bundled with loving intention. Each mixed herb cleansing stick contains mullein leaf, mugwort and sage with added florals of lavender, calendula and rose. Adorned with crystals tied separately to allow for removal before burning.

*Bundled under the Full Harvest Moon in Pisces*

Burn or place in a sacred place to clear the energy and raise the vibration of the space.

Mullein leaf - supports respiratory health

Mugwort - associated with divination and dreaming

Garden Sage - reduces stress, promotes mindfulness

Lavender - calming energy

Calendula - uplifting sunshine energy

Rose - LOVING beautiful energy of the heart

Rosemary - powerful cleanser

Quartz - master healer - crown chakra

Amethyst - relieves stress and enhances intuition - crown + third eye chakra

Citrine - solar energy increases creativity - solar plexus chakra

Selenite - cleansin, provides clarity, promotes peace and calm - crown chakra

Carnelian- courage, vitality & creativity - sacral chakra

Lavender fluorite - spiritual growth and intuition- crown chakra

Moonstone - inner growth and strength, new beginnings - third eye + solar plexus chakra

Rose Quartz- unconditional love, heart healing - heart chakra

Use caution when burning.