Drilled Yoni Egg

Drilled Yoni Egg

A drilled Yoni egg can be strung with organic string/floss and removed like a tampon. It can also used for tension eggcercises as well as vaginal weight lifting. Drilled eggs need the string replaced each use and require more care in cleaning. 
These highly polished, semi-precious gemstone eggs have been used for thousands of years to help strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, heal from and prepare for childbirth, increase bladder control, increase libido, boost pleasure, relieve tension, heal emotional trauma, cultivate a loving relationship with your body and so much more.
 Each egg comes with a padded pouch for safe keeping and a brochure on the use and care of Yoni Eggs. 
Large is the recommended size for mothers who have experienced multiple vaginal births or are experiencing symptoms of a weak pelvic floor, otherwise, medium is the recommended size for beginners. 

Large - 3.8cm x 5cm 
Medium - 3cm x 4cm
All Yoni Stones are ethically sourced with Earth & Humans in mind. Gemstones vary in color and pattern. 

Amethyst is a protective stone blocking negativity

Due to the intimate nature of this product, all
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