Double Ended Beaded Pleasure Wand

Double Ended Beaded Pleasure Wand

Awaken your most divine sensual self with this double ended, beaded crescent pleasure wand. Carved from pure Earth crystal, gemstone wands offer a safe alternative to steel, plastic or silicone toys.  They’re great for internal or external massage, with a partner or solo play. 
1 large pleasure wand 7”x1.5”
1 padded pouch for safe keeping
Brochure on use and care

Black obsidian is an extremely grounding stone connecting you to your root chakra energy. It protects you from unwanted energy of others and allows unhealed emotions to surface for healing.

Rose quartz is a feminine stone of love and compassion. It gently opens and heals the heart. Best for connecting and living your feminine energy it attracts beauty in all forms. 

 All gemstones are ethically sourced with Earth and humans in mind. Crystals vary in color and pattern. 
Due to the intimate nature of this product all sales are final.
Products are not recommended for diagnosing or treating any health problems. Always consult your healthcare professional about any serious medical condition.


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